Hi, I’m Mark! Thanks for stopping by my site. Here you will find a little bit about me, some posts that I have written, and links to other websites or services that I have a presence on. If you wish to get in touch, head on over to the contact page and you can use any of the options listed there!

I am an active member of Codeberg e.V and a supporting member of the EFF. In my spare time I also like contributing to Exercism, either mentoring others or working on my own coding skills.


My main toolset consists of neovim, tmux, python, and firefox. I am currently beginning to learn more about rust and javascript. My preferred operating system is a debian based distribution of linux.


I maintain nevermonetize, an easy way for bloggers and app owners to communicate a non-monetization commitment to users, and a catppuccin theme for miniflux

Other sites

You can find me at any of the platforms listed as icons in the top right of this site, and can verify many of them here.